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TV Aerial Distribution Amplifier

Multi Room TV Amplifier

This type of Multi-Room TV Aerial signal distribution is the most common type of application it allows the cost-effective sending tv and satellite signals through a coax cable, you can have any number of connection points fitted, ask us for more details.
Aerial & Satellite Multi Room House Image

Multi Room House Image

Multi-Room design on any type of additional TV point distribution installation is very important, first, you need to decide on how many connections or tv you have in the house. Then you can decide that you would like to receive a DVD or Satellite to be playable in other rooms?
WiFi Network Kit

Network WiFi Kit

What is a Network WiFi TV system is? It’s a device that you can speed up your internet connection to other device units if you have a smart tv with BBC iPlayer or Netflix and you need to improve the speed connection and you don’t want to see any wiring fitted around your home.

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Do You Need Help Planning Your Multi Room Connections?

When living in Cambridgeshire Multi-Room home entertainment system is the most important part of deciding how many rooms you would like to receive digital tv in. We have been installing Multi-Room in Cambridge for over 30 years and we understand everything about how to neatly install your system
Cambridge Aerial company experts in Multi-Room digital TV Aerial and satellite systems and installations. Every Multi-Room system is different and can be configured to operate through as many rooms or TVs as you wish.
Whether you want one extra TV point or a fully installed customised digital Multi-Room system installation, we can help tailor-made solutions for you.
A Multi-Room installation or extra tv points allows you to watch digital TV in any room in your home, while controlling your Sky, Freesat, Freeview TV or DVD system in your living room. An infrared magic eye will enable you to control the channels from any room, and additional set-top boxes will let you watch different channels on each TV.
Using a digital signal amplifier, we can fully configure your home or workplace to provide instant access to digital TV services from any room. Multi-Room or extra TV points is fully configurable with Freesat, Freesat HD, Freesat+, Freeview and Freeview+, Sky, Sky+ Sky HD, Sky Freesat digital TV system and European Satellite TV.
Sky Multiscreen lets the whole family enjoy the TV they love, so no one has to miss a thing. Your children could be watching the kids channel in the bedroom while the match is on in the living room.
From Monday to Wednesday by booking for a job which involves Multi-Room Installation there is a generous discount of up to 20% for this to take effect all books must be taken before 9 am. This will help you over these difficult times. 
Please don’t hesitate on giving us a call 01223 967 216 for any more information on your bespoke requirements, we are market leaders in our industry and being a family run business we will give you that personal touch thank you for looking. 

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