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60cm Satellite Television Dish

60cm European Satellite Dish

Ideal start for those who want to receiver foreign satellite. Language channels French, German, Dutch, Polish, most tv channels broadcast in SD or HD and also none subscription public broadcast.

80cm European Satellite Dish

Advanced Satellite dish system for those who want to receive foreign channels which are further away Eastern European broadcast channels most of these are SD or HD AND broadcast none subscription.

European Satellite HD Receiver

Ideal mid range cost affective recordable European satellite receiver covers all frequencies also future proof if there are any changes. Ideal for subscription or none subscription ( Cam system will be required)

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Do You Need a European Satellite System Fitted!..

There are thousands of other European Satellite channels away from the Sky and Freesat satellite system. This is the old Sky satellite designed for European service, there is also another satellite service that is further away and requires a bigger satellite dish.
The most popular 19.2 Astra, & Hot Bird this satellite is where most of the foreign free to air public broadcast services are.
There are many types of foreign European satellites to choose from if your language is German or French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, or Eastern European channels. 
The Middle Eastern channels are possible to receive but this requires a far bigger dish. This would be 120cm dish please call us for more information 01223 967 216 
There are several frees to air television channels where you do not need to pay a monthly fee for a subscription, This is called free to air.
Several premium channels are subject to subscription service which requires a monthly fee from the origin of the country you wish to receive and watch this also requires a cam for these channels like a decoder service. At Cambridge Aerial company we can provide this equipment.
When you have decided which type of language and satellite system you require we can talk you through which type of system would be best for you. We have been Installing European Satellite systems for over 30 years.
One of our trained satellite engineers will be able to also check and test if you have an existing system that has failed or is not working properly this might be down to the satellite dish not being aligned properly or the receiver needs updating.
There are many types of receivers available standard SD or HD if you want to record your satellite programmes recordable receiver there are also different size hard drives from 500G or 2TB. Please do not hesitate and fill in our contact form on the left or call us for a chat.
Also if you have a satellite system that requires move or relocating we can cover that type of service as well. this would be if your satellite system is in the way of a tall tree or building or you have some work on your property and you would like the satellite dish temporarily moved on to another wall or scaffolding.
We can also undertake listed property problems and you need the satellite dish mounted in your garden, we have many years experience on this type of work give us a call on 01223 967 216.

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