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New Digital Aerials

Low Cost TV Aerial (Budget)

All standard TV Aerials are designed for budget quality & good levels of signal (not low signal areas) we would not recommends this type of TV Aerial.
This will be fitted with standard pole, brackets fixings, 15Mtr cable run to one tv. Arrange a visit from are engineer.
Services Mid Range Quality TV Aerial

Mid Range Quality TV Aerial

All mid range TV Aerials are designed for mid quality & good levels of signal (low signal areas) we would  recommends this type of TV Aerial
This will be fitted with mid range pole, brackets fixings, 15Mtr cable run to one tv. Arrange a visit from are engineer today.
Cambridge TV Aerial

High Range Quality TV Aerial

All high gain TV Aerials are designed for high quality & good levels of signal (low signal areas) we would recommends this type of TV Aerial.
This will be fitted with high quality pole, brackets fixings, 15Mtr cable run to one tv. Arrange a visit.

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Do You Have TV Signal Reception Problems!...

Cambridge TV signal problems or poor digital aerials loss is the most frustrating thing you can experience with any type of television set-up or set-up BT vision box or youview box, recordable Freeview box. All tv reception is served by 1 transmitter Sandy Heath the main transmitter.
Over the last number of years the Sandy Heath Transmitter has moved the channel frequency there are several reasons for this to increase more channel capability or is co-channel interference from another transmitter close to the Sandy Heath Transmitter tan happens.
There also could be essential transmitter maintenance by the BBC 
It’s worth checking first before you undergo retune your Smart TV & recordable BT Vision-Box, Youview Freeview Equipment.
There are several ways in which your TV signal problems can be negatively affected, from adverse weather or dated equipment to something physically moving or interfering with your aerial system. There can be a different type of reception problems can be shown.
The first kind of problem starts from the loss of Freeview channels, breaking upon existing channels or no signal at all. In some cases, there could be transmitter problems check with the BBC engineering website or UK FreeviewIf after checking all your connections around your TV and all are correctly connected and nothing is still working properly then you need a professional TV aerial engineer.
We have many years of experience with TV aerial signal issues and will be able to diagnose your fault and most often be able to repair or replace equipment there and then as our vehicles are always well stocked
We’re Cambridgeshire based company so simply contact us today 01223 967 642 and we will be able to provide you with a basic quote and booking availability. As we are a family run business we will always give you that personal touch.
We take pride in our work and always leave your property neat before we leave
We have the answer at a cost-effective price and all reception problems solved with over 30 years experience dealing with this type of issue please no don’t hesitate on giving us a call and we can arrange a visit from one of are friendly engineers today.

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    Fixing TV Signal Reception Loss

    If you are suffering from poor reception or loss of picture, it could be down to a number of issues. Fortunately, you may be able to fix these issues quickly, and if you are unsure we are more than happy to help troubleshoot, and even fix the issue ourselves.
     A lot of TV signal issues are usually caused by simple reset of your set-top box can remedy these issues, however, identifying the issue because more complex depending on the system you have in your house. Freeview, cable or satellite digital TV.
    If you are regularly experiencing TV signal loss, or blurry picture, or you are unable to access the service at all, try these basic steps:
    • Switch off your set-top box and restart the system.
    • Retune your set-top box.
    • Check your wires and connections are secure.
    • If your set-top box is wireless, try using a wired connection if possible.
    If you are still having TV signal problems. Call Cambridge Aerials and we will be more than happy to make a visit and take a look at your system, quote for any repairs required, and fix it. Contact us today or request a quote so can make a visit at your next convenience.